This tiny village has a dock on the Dessarin River for shipping the grain from its grist mill. It is also the local supply and market for the surrounding farms from which the grain comes.

Aside from the mill, the village consists of a handful of granaries and a larger handful of cottages, several of which house tiny local shops. Nearby is the massive iron bridge called Ironford. The bridge is showing signs of rust and age but appears sturdy still.

According to old tales, the village was known as Ironford the same as the bridge until a dragon was slain nearby. Passers-by began to call the settlement “Wyrm Ford”, a name subsequently corrupted, thanks to the thick local accent, into “Womford”.

Womforders lock and bar their doors and shutter their windows at night for fear of the “Womford Bat”, a nocturnal predator that snatches folk it can catch outside after dark.

The Womford jetty is in an increasing state of disrepair, and river pirates walked with impunity through the village causing trouble. There has been talk that some kind of governing body is needed to deal with these issues. Zakk the Miller has been the loudest voice in this regard, some say because he wants to become the first mayor of Womford. Zakk himself states that he doesn’t care who it is, but the village needs a mayor and a tax collector at the very least, and hopefully also other employees to keep records, police the area, and settle disputes.


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