Map_Triboar_Redlarch.jpgWestbridge is a village of about 450 people strung out along the Long Road between Red Larch and Triboar at the intersection of The Long Road and the Stone Trail, which is just a wagon road from the Stone Bridge. This intersection is where anything interesting might occur in Westbridge.

Westbridge is a farming center, complete with a market, a stockyard, and grain warehouses. The latter are protected from brigands and monsters by a stout palisade and a hired guard of 20 archers. Of course, there’’s also several business providing hospitality to travellers. Most of these locations are owned by one family, the Longstockings, a halfling family who owe their fortune to Ghaliver Longstocking, who was an enterprising investor, and great at manipulating the merchants.

As well as the businesses listed below there are several capable carpenters and fencebuilders.

Overall, Westbridge is a good place to stop over, but there’s not much to see if you stay.

Places of Interest

The Harvest Inn: The best known inn in Westbridge, and the most popular, it used to be known as Ghaliver’s Inn, but had a name change after Ghaliver Longstocking passed away and a few of his dodgy dealings came to light, causing some scandal. The Inn stands on the west side of the Long Road facing the Stone Trail. The proprietor is Herivin Dardragon, a hard working halfling (married into the Longstocking family). Most of the staff are human.

Farrier Services by the Drull: This place is manned by Drulleck, a human explorer believed to have suffered a bizarre mental illness while exploring the Nameless Dungeon some years back. He moved to Westbridge and set up shop to shoe horses and repair saddlebags. The man squints and mumbles in jutting, short-cut sentences resembling a confusion spell effect. He’s known as the worst horse shoer in Faerûn.

The Hammer and Nail: This shop, owned by Trystkin of Evermoor, specializes in repairing wagons and wheels, but spends most of his time repairing tornado-blasted barns and grain silos within three-days travel of his shop. When in town, he devises pranks to play on Drulleck, whom Trystkin calls “Blindshoe.”

The Happy Halfling: The Halfling is a cozy place with a lot of rugs, squishy armchairs, cushions, and warming fires. It comes highly recommended as a place to get some sleep or just to relax.

The Wemic Comes to Westbridge: The name of this diner is displayed in red letters on a signboard depicting a rearing, weapon-brandishing wemic. It’s run by the short and cheery Helisa Ithcanter, of Baldur’s Gate. The Wemic is a sunny, plant-filled place with a small menu and perfect dishes. In winter, servings shrink to a starvation diet of pickled fish, salt pork, hardbread, sausage, and pickles. In fall, expect a feast

Westbridge Brewers: This winery makes two red wines and a red ale. The wines are both forgettable; one is bitter, leaving a stale, coppery taste on the tongue, while the other is too sweet. The ale is so powerful and strong that it leaves the most rugged barbarian lying in his own sick.

Longstocking Yards is east of the Long Road and south of the Stonetrail, and horses and cattle are bought and sold here. Nearby are the protected granaries.


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