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The Loyal Fury

Torm is the god whose portfolio consists of duty, loyalty, obedience and righteousness. His symbol was a right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward.


Prior to the Time of Troubles Torm was a minor god.

Torm figured significantly in the struggle over the Tablets of Fate during the Time of Troubles. Prior to his battle with Bane, Lord of Strife, Torm discovered a great evil being done in his name by his then-current high priest (named Tenwealth). The followers of Torm had always dominated the religious and political activity of Tantras, but during the time of Torm’s Coming, they began to actively persecute all “unbelievers” (in other words, followers of other gods). Torm was unhappy about this, and The Order of the Golden Lion (see below) are part of his actions of restorative justice.

During the Godswar when the avatar of Bane marched across the Dragonreach to seize the Tablet of Fate hidden in Torm’s temple (without the Lord of Duty’s knowledge), Torm absorbed the souls of many of his true worshipers, including the heretical leaders of his clergy, and assumed the form of a monstrous lion-headed man. He then battled Bane in a battle of mutual destruction, in the process destroying the besieging Zhentarim navy and creating many dead magic areas. Torm gained considerable attention and praise during the Godswar when his faithful helped keep this missing Tablet of Fate safe.

Torm died in the conflict too, but because of his loyalty to his portfolio was resurrected by the overdeity Ao at the end of the Time of Troubles, with his power greatly increased.

Torm was also active in the battle against Cyric 10 years after the Time of Troubles. The Lord of Duty assisted Mystra, Oghma, and Mask in dethroning Cyric as Lord of the Dead, although Cyric was not destroyed. Torm’s actions have earned him and his followers the undying hatred of Cyric, Prince of Lies.

Torm still frequently stalks the Realms in avatar form, battling legendary monsters and evil incarnate. In the liturgy of the Tormish church, it is said that Torm will perish in the final battle of the gods, saving the Realms once and for all from Cyric’s madness by his self-sacrifice.

The Triad

Torm is one of the three deities of similar interests known as The Triad, along with Ilmater and Tyr. It was often said by common-folk that Torm is the weakest of the three in his subservient role, but the role he plays is of true importance: he actsd as the nexus that holds the three together. Torm tempers Tyr’s zeal for justice with his gifts of mercy and humility.


Torm’s worshipers consist of those who favour the causes of both good and law. Righteousness, honesty, loyalty and truth are their primary pursuits. In the post-Spellplague world, which was more dangerous and darker than ever, Torm’s worshipers shine as beacons of hope and courage.

Holy Days

During the year, the Tormish celebrate two great festivals (and on some years, three): the Divine Death on the 13th of Eleasias (commemorating Torm’s death in battle just north of Tantras during the Time of Troubles, when he and Bane destroyed each other), the True Resurrection on the 15th of Marpenoth (when Torm returned to his powers, at the end of the Godswar), and the Shieldmeet (on leapyear).


Order of the Golden Lion – The High Cleric of Torm serves as Torm’s pontiff and rules from the magnificent Temple of Torm’s Coming in Tantras. From this place, the pontiff extends Torm’s reach and worship by sponsoring continent-wide knightly orders, including the prestigious Order of the Golden Lion. Members of the Order of the Golden Lion, known as Tormtar, guard temples of deities whose worshipers the Tormish had persecuted during the Time of Troubles. This act of aiding other goodly faiths was called the Penance of Duty.

Along with the Penance of Duty, the Tormtar also had to fulfill the Debt of Dereliction (the act of expending every resource possible to eliminate cults of Cyric and Bane), and the Debt of Destruction (the act of locating and recording areas of dead/wild magic and repairing the Weave). As the Order was created during the renaissance of Torm’s church, it enjoyed a notable diversity in regard to the skills (classes) and races of its Tormtar.

Eye of Justice – based in Westgate this order is considered heretical by many Tormites. The Order worship a form of Torm they refer to as the “Threefold God”, which they believe to be a combination of Torm and the gods Tyr and Helm. Members of this sect have no pity or fear and often use tactics some would consider questionable. The Order attracts outcasts from other orders as well as people seeking redemption for evil acts.

Girded Healers – Members of the Girded Healers order worship both Torm and Ilmater. The primary purpose of this order is to heal those touched by war.

The Code of Torm:

  • Be the champion of the weak and the defenseless.
  • Be stern, unyielding and unswerving in your battles with evil.
  • Obey your masters with alert judgment and anticipation.
  • Serve the common good and the rule law established by honorable rulers.
  • Seek prowess and skill in all endeavors.
  • Stand ever alert against corruption.
  • Every failure of duty diminishes Torm and every success adds to his luster.
  • Be ever mindful of the code, and use them in your actions to swiftly enact justice.

Precepts of the Code:

Be the champion of the weak and the defenseless. Your duty is to those who lack the power you wield. Care for the sick and aid the distressed. Be an example to the young. Protect your friends. Be generous in so far as your resources allow. There are two things that will blemish the faithful, and these are riches and pride. If one but remains in strained circumstances, he will not be marred.

Be stern, unyielding and unswerving in your battles with evil. Make war upon evil and injustice without cessation. Do not recoil before the enemy, but let your wrath undo the wicked. Seek not only courage, but also wisdom to see that stupidity and courage are cousins. Courage also means taking the side of truth in all matters, rather than seeking the expedient lie.

Obey your masters with alert judgment and anticipation. Trust in your master, for his duty to you is given by Torm, serve him as though your own body were already dead, and you will be one man in a thousand. There are many places where compromise is expected; loyalty is not amongst them. If your path is without mortal master, let Torm and his code guide your steps.

Serve the common good and the rule law established by honorable rulers. Your fourfold duties are to faith, family, masters, and all good being of Faerun. Strive to maintain law and order. Question unjust laws by suggesting improvement or alternatives, not additional laws.

Seek prowess and skill in all endeavours. Throughout your life, advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today so that your strength may be used in the service of the Triad, rather than in personal aggrandizement. This is never ending.

Stand ever alert against corruption. Strike quickly and forcefully against the rot in the hearts of mortals. Avoid all excesses and seek to defeat hubris, gullibility and ignorance within yourself. Purpose and discipline clear the mind. Your breath should only bring truth, always be faithful to your word. Bring painful, quick death to traitors.

Every failure of duty diminishes Torm and every success adds to his luster. Stand firm in your beliefs, for this faith roots you and gives hope against despair. In the midst of a single breath, where only goodness is held, is the way of Torm. But there is no one who can understand this clarity at first. Purity is something that cannot be attained except by piling effort upon effort.

Be ever mindful of the code, and use them in your actions to swiftly enact justice. The church of Tyr and Ilmater are the mind and heart of the Triad, bringing judgment and compassion to men. The church of Torm is the mighty hand of the Triad, swiftly enacting their wisdom. Hold to the virtues and duties of the code, realizing that though the ideals cannot be reached, the quality of striving towards them ennobles the spirit. In confronting difficult matters, if at first you leave it alone, fix the code in your heart, exclude self-interest, and make an effort, you will not go far from your mark.

- credit to Arravis from EnWorld for the Code of Torm and the Precepts of the Code.
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