Stone Bridge

This gigantic stone arch, two miles long and four hundred feet high, comfortably spans the widest spring flood of the Dessarin River. Two massive, fifty foot tall stone statues of dwarves stand at both ends of the bridge. It is a site of pilgrimage for dwarves worshipping Moradin.

Dwarves of the Ironstar clan built the bridge five thousand years ago to give themselves a walkway over the river, no matter how high it flooded, to connect those parts of the dwarven realm of Besilmer on both the western and eastern banks of the Dessarin River. It is said that something in the magic of the bridge pinned the Dessarin in place: No matter how the river has snaked and changed its course, it always runs under the Stone Bridge at exactly the same point. The dwarves say the Stone Bridge has survived thousands of years of earthquakes, floods, and battles because it is sacred to Moradin.
Stone Bridge is the only river crossing between Ironford and Yartar. It is made of smooth, fused, hard granite and is only six (generous) paces wide and lacks railings or barriers, so anyone atop it is at the mercy of the wind, particularly in winter. Nevertheless travellers and merchant caravans frequently use Stone Bridge (with care).


History and Culture

During the final days of the Ironstar clan, their king, Daurvos Frostbeard, was cut down on the bridge by orcs while the clan was attempting to flee south. While mortally wounded, he cried to Moradin for aid and died. Moradin’s avatar, a 6m-high (20ft) armoured dwarf, appeared on the bridge, rallying the fleeing dwarves and leading them to victory over the orcs. Since then Stone Bridge has been a sacred site of pilgrimage for many dwarves. Legend even claims that Moradin, when all gods were banished to Faerûn during the Time of Troubles (in the Year of Shadows, 1358DR), stood guard on the Stone Bridge, barring the passage of a number of evil avatars who sought to reach the Celestial Stairway at Waterdeep and cause mischief along the way.

Dwarven history states that the founder of the dwarven kingdom of Besilmer, King Torhild Flametonge, died fighting a hill giant atop the Stone Bridge. The king was entombed within the Halls of the Hunting Axe in the eastern part of the Sumber Hills.

Stone Bridge

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