Kryptgarden Forest

Kryptgarden Forest hides many old dwarven ruins and the extensive underground city now known as Southkrypt. For centuries, this forest has been the home and hunting ground of an ancient female dragon known as “Old Gnawbone”. She is often seen gnawing old kills or with a mangled corpse dangling from her mouth.

In the forest itself small game remains plentiful, but larger beasts are seldom seen, presumably they have fallen prey to Old Gnawbone.


Unsubstantiated rumours of another dwarven citadel in the hills near the center of the forest have circulated in recent years. A mad adventurer, apparently the lone survivor of a nine-man adventuring company, was captured on the outskirts of the forest. He babbled about a citadel of erect insects casting spells— and hurling weapons that killed a man from 500 paces. According to the man’’s crazed tales, the insects were able to camouflage themselves (probably magically) to the point where the only way to find the creatures was by scent and tracking. He’’s a known liar, yet he was found with nothing in his possession and strange burns along his arms and back that cannot be explained.

Kryptgarden Forest

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