Red Larch rumours 3

News and Rumours heard after the Tomb of the Moving Stones adventure

The folk of Red Larch are scandalized to learn that many of their most respected fellow citizens were part of a secret cabal. This discovery has launched a whirlwind of gossip, innuendo, and recrimination. The other citizens of Red Larch have shunned those Town Elders accused of the crimes. Constable Harburk has told the party that within a couple of days the Believers turned against one another and have provided statements incriminating each other.

Those actually accused of murder – Marlandro Gaelkur, Albaeri Mellikho, and Ilmeth Waelvur – have been held in Bethendur’s Storage until the magistrate from Waterdeep arrives. Albaeri Mellikho is blustering and maintaining her innocence. Ilmeth Waelvur collapsed within 24 hours and is providing evidence incriminating himself and the other two, as well as who was complicit in the offences – most of the other Believers. After another day Marlandro Gaelkur also folds and corroborates Ilmeth Waelvur’s story. Information from Grund and Baragustas also supports Ilmeth Waelvur’s story. Constable Harburk is happy he has the story straight.

While the three who actually drove the dagger into the victims are likely to be removed from Red Larch and imprisoned, the others, including Tywin Dornen, have suffered socially from these events coming to light. Neither they or their families are welcome anywhere, and old grudges, previously buried because of the Town Elders’ former power, are raising their heads. Tywin Dornen has had rocks thrown through the windows of his house more than once, and there is talk of revenge on all of them from the families of the slain.

Waelvur’s Wagonworks is being run by other family, probably even better than when Ilmeth was in charge. Mellikho Stoneworks is also being run by family, but has taken a catastrophic dive in profits due to several mistakes in management. Marlandro Gaelkur did not have family, so the one Town Elder whose reputation is not as tarnished as the others, Aerego Bethendur, has taken over that business for now, and maybe permanently.

The call has come for there to be a mayor of Red Larch, and elections are due to be held next month. Citizens of Red Larch known to Constable Ned Harburk are eligible to vote. The short odds, for those that like betting, are on Jalessa Tully being the mayor. She is well known, well regarded, efficient, and has never been subject to scandal.

In more changes, once a new mayor is elected Ned Harburk will become a full time constable, looking more to the defence, security, and law and order of Red Larch. He will retain his role as commander of the Red Larch militia and captain of the town guard. He has already stated that a town lockup will be built once a suitable location was identified. He has also employed Grund as a part time guardsman.

The bodies of the Bringers of Woe were identified as men who were staying at Mother Yalantha’s hostel. They had come to town with Larrakh and had obtained work as laborers in the businesses belonging to The Believers.

Thorsk Thelorn owns and operates a wagonmaking and repairing business called Thelorn’s Safe Journey. He has mentioned some strange customers, including an Amnian merchant heading north on the Long Road who
stopped for a wagon repair. His goods were marked by a strange symbol, like a bowl. The Amnian merchant paid Thorsk well and talked about a big gathering of druids he was heading to, hoping to sell kegs of beer and
various trinkets. The gathering of druids was up in the Sumber Hills.

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Red Larch rumours 3

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