Other Locations in Red Larch

Areas in Red Larch that don’t (yet) warrant their own page:
(work in progress, these descriptions will be expanded)

Bethendur’s Storage
Four warehouses containing storage areas for hire

Chansyrl Fine Harness
Tack and harness, saddles, yokes etc

Dornen Finestone
quarry and shop for marble stone

Drouth Fine Poultry
providers of eggs and chicken

used tools and goods, barbershop, tavern

bath house and dress shop

Ironhead Arms
used and new weapons and armour

Jalessa Tully’s Butchery

Lorren’s Bakery

Luruth’s Tannery
provider of raw or finished leather

The Market
area where Market Day is held once a month

Mellikho Stoneworks
quarry and shop for marble stone

Mother Yalantha’s

quality and fashionable clothier

Tantur Smithy
ironwork goods, where Hufflepuff works

Thelorn’s Safe Journeys
quality wainright and wagonmaker

Vallivoe’s Sundries
used goods of all types, where Farideh is employed

Waelvur’s Wagonworks
cheap and nasty wagons and wagon parts

Other Locations in Red Larch

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