The Dragon Lady


Farideh is small for a dragonborn, thin of body and limbs as if she did not reach her full physical potential for some reason. Her scales are of a green hue, her eyes are a yellow-green, and she wears green robes and clutches a staff.


Farideh was a slave of the drow from a young age, maybe even from birth. Suffering beatings and malnutrition, she did not attain her potential as a dragonborn in height and strength. She met Ulryn who was also a slave of the drow House Xorlarrin, and when her sorcerous powers started to manifest it was Ulryn who taught her about magic and how to control it.

One time when they were being moved Ulryn recognised that they were being transported along a route close to the surface. Both he and Farideh used their magic to escape and they fled, finding themselves strangers in a strange land – the surface world of The North. Farideh wanted to find her own people, so Ulryn suggested finding a big city (Waterdeep would work, story wise). Once there Farideh quickly located dragonborn in their enclave in the city and Ulryn left, knowing how the dragonborn would treat him.

Farideh found herself ostracized from her own kind. The dragonborn were caring, but Farideh found that her beliefs, her ways of behaving, even the way she talked and her mannerisms, marked her as odd at best, and an outsider at worst. She did not like the way her kin reacted with shock and sympathy at her thin, emaciated appearance, she did not feel she belonged and missed Ulryn and was worried about him. She left the dragonborn enclave with a few belongings, some money, and an unusual double flute instrument which she had been learning to play, and took to the streets, eventually finding Ulryn now in company with Natas.

Natas welcomed Farideh and they became a three person entertainment band, Farideh on the double flute, Ulryn on drums, and Natas on other instruments or doing comedy and story-telling with his puppet. Financially they were doing well for the first time. Natas was a member of the Harper faction, and encouraged Farideh and Ulryn to join also, which they did.

Living in the city has its pressures, and the trio decided as a group they might like to visit other places in The North. The Harpers suggested that they would appreciate if someone investigated the Dessarin Valley area, a wild frontier area with only a few settlements. They have heard some reports about an increase in banditry, as well as some divinations hinting that something evil may be rising in the area. In addition they have stopped getting reports from some Harper agents who went to the area to meet up with a bard (not a Harper) named Windharrow, who had been performing with a band called The Wyndwards in the area, but was apparently looking for more members as replacements. Word is that he seems to hire and fire band members almost on a whim. But what has happened to the bards whose services are no longer required?

The Harper contact in Red Larch was Endrith Vallivoe who owns a shop called Vallivoe’s Sundaries. If they made it to the town of Triboar for some reason, the contact there was Darathra Shendrel, Lord Protector.

A few days before leaving, the Harpers contacted Natas with another mission. It seems that the well known Belabranta noble family of Waterdeep believes their daughter has been caught up with some flying cult where members ride giant birds and flying beasts somewhere in the Dessarin Valley area. The Harpers will provide the three with a copy of her letter. The girl’s name is Savra Belabranta.

One day when he went out, Ulryn came back with a tiefling he said he had met. Her name was Kallista, and she was a fearsome looking warrior. She also wanted to head to the Dessarin Valley area on some mission of revenge. Ulryn had thought they would be better travelling together.

DMs Note: Farideh has the Far Traveller background from the book Sword Coast Adventurers’ Guide


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