Triboar-Yartar.jpgThis fortified city commands the most northerly wagon bridge over the Dessarin River. A walled citadel on the west bank of the river connect to a bridge wide enough to accommodate two wagons with room to spare, connecting the Evermoor Way into and through Yartar. The road leads east to Everlund and Silverymoon, and west to Triboar and eventually to Waterdeep via the Long Road.

Yartar is prosperous and increasingly crowded, so buildings have been torn down and taller ones built – four stories high in some instances.

A Waterbaron who rules for life leads Yartar. The current Waterbaron is Nestra Ruthiol (female noble) said to be shrewd and far seeing. Yartar is part of the Lords’ Alliance, and Ruthiol considers that membership vital for its survival and prosperity. She knows that The Harpers and the Zhentarim are well established in the city, but her path only crosses with theirs when the wellbeing of Yartarrans is at stake.

There is a thieves guild active in Yartar – The Hand of Yartar. They traditionally suffer from infighting which has, thankfully for the authorities, limited their activities.


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