Vale of Dancing Waters

Called Tyn’rrin Wurlur in Dwarvish, this narrow gorge carries a trio of creeks down to the Dessarin River in cascades of water. The vale is on the west side of the river and found at the end of a secret trail leading south from Stone Bridge. Non-dwarves are rarely allowed access to the Vale, but those that have and will speak about it state there are temples and shrines positioned throughout the gorge, rather than a single consolidated structure.

Long ago the vale was the site of the summer palace of King Torhild Flametongue of the dwarven kingdom of Besilmer. In time, it became a sacred place where dwarves came to worship their goddess of fertility and love Sharindlar. Some legends among the Stout Folk say the cellars of the ancient palace hide riches of the royal treasury of Besilmer. However it is known that the palace collapsed long ago, but various shrines to Sharindlar survive.

There are many shrines and temples hidden around the Vale

The Order of the Gauntlet has allies among the dwarves who remain here to tend the shrines and temples.

Vale of Dancing Waters

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