Map_Triboar_Redlarch.jpgThe town of Triboar stands where the Long Road meets the Evermoor Way, a well-used caravan road that runs east to the city of Yartar. Triboar is the chief economic rival to Yartar, and the two communities compete for the trade of the Dessarin Valley.

The current lord protector is an ex-adventurer named Darathra Shendrel, known for the excellent wine she makes. Darathra enacts and modifies local laws (known as “The Lord’s Decree”), which are then enforced by “The Twelve”, a dozen mounted veterans drawn from the militia to serve in a tenday cycle.

Triboar is a horse market for a dozen nearby ranches that turn out trained draft horses, riding mounts and ponies, and pack mules. Blacksmiths, harness makers, and wagon works thrive in the town. In addition, a number of guides operate from Triboar. They take merchants and other travelers all over the Sword Coast North (usually for a stiff fee). Many of these guides are retired adventurers who know the North well.

Darathra is a Harper and the Home of the Boar, a lodge on the outskirts of town, is a Harper safe house.


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