Town Elders

The Red Larch Town Elders are the richest people in the town. At one point they advised Constable Harburk and guided town affairs – which usually meant in their own best interests, if any of those who talk about them can be believed. Some were revealed to be “Believers” – members of an Earth cult who had murdered three innocent travellers. They had been influenced by Larrakh, a priest of the Black Earth cult, who was killed by the party.

With the appointment of a Mayor and a Town Council to govern Red Larch, the Town Elders influence on affairs in Red Larch has been severely curtailed.

The Town Elders are:

Tywin Dornen. Owner of Dornen Quarry (25) and his family business Dornen Finestone (12). The de facto leader of the town elders. He is stern and inflexible, with a deep, commanding voice. While implicated as a cult member, he did not actually kill anyone and so only had to pay a fine to the relatives of the murdered.

Ilmeth Waelvur. Owner of Waelvur’s Wagonworks (16). Hard-drinking and sullen, universally disliked. One of the murderers. Sent to prison in Waterdeep.

Albaeri Mellikho. Owner of Mellikho Stoneworks (18) and the quarry pit behind her business (24). Albaeri is a pot bellied and usually jovial “whirlwind”. One of the murderers. Sent to prison in Waterdeep.

Ulhro Luruth. Runs Luruth’s Tannery (19), has no sense of smell, not too bright and talks too much. Knew about the murders but did not participate. Fined.

Aerego Bethendur. Runs a storage place called Bethendur’s Storage (20), and is generally considered to be good hearted. The only Town Elder who opposed the murders, and was threatened by the others. The only Town Elder to be appointed onto the new ruling Town Council.

Marlandro Gaelkur. Unsavoury local barber who ran a useful secondhand tool and goods shop, which also doubled as a cheap tavern. One of the murderers. Sent to prison in Waterdeep. Aerego Bethendur has taken over his shop.

Those associated with the Town Elders:

Baragustas – retired carpenter who is a Believer but not a Town Elder. He did odd jobs for the Town Elders, and provided evidence against them during the investigation into the murders.

Braelen – an eleven year old boy who acted as a messenger for the Believers. Was punished cruelly by them when he failed to deliver a note to Ilmuth Waelvur.

Grund – This large, but goofy half-orc was a sort of hired goon for the Town Elders. Money doesn’t seem to be a problem for him, and questions by the party indicate the town elders give him money for jobs that require some muscle. He now has been employed by Constable Ned Harburk as a town guard.

(numbers in brackets relate to the Red Larch map).

Town Elders

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