The Uthgardt Tribes

uthgardt.jpgFor over a thousand years the barbarian humans of the Uthgardt tribes have roved the North, holding to ancient customs of ritual and taboo. They take their name from Uthgar, a great hero-chief who conquered much of the North before ascending to godhood. Each tribe venerates its own sacred sites, known as ancestral mounds. Some Uthgardt are relatively settled and trade with the civilized folk of the area, while others are aggressive raiders who pillage any caravan or homestead they come across. They are notorious for their hatred of magic, disavowal of any gods but their own, and hostility to anyone not of their tribe. Most in the North consider Uthgardt tribes to be little better than orcs.

The Gray Wolf and Griffon tribes are fierce warriors but rarely wander as far south as the Sumber Hills. The Tree Ghosts are a reclusive band that roams the High Forest; they are sometimes seen in the vales between the Sumber Hills and the edge of the forest, but they are among the more peaceful tribes and rarely trouble settlers or travellers in the area.

Uthgardt of the Elk tribe regard most of the Dessarin Valley as their territory. Small bands of Elk warriors roam the Westwood, the Sumber Hills, and the hilly land around the Dessarin and Surbrin rivers. Because the bands are few in number, the Elk barbarians stay away from the cities and towns of the area. However, they often attack weakly defended caravans on remote trails that are far from help. The tribesfolk generally don’t harass poor working folk such as homesteaders an shepherds, although they sometimes steal sheep or other livestock if the opportunity presents itself.

Uthgardt Tribes

The Uthgardt Tribes

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