Summit Hall

Summit_hall.jpgSummit Hall is a small stronghold standing on a hilltop in the southern region of the Sumber Hills. It consists of a stone hall surrounded by a fifteen foot wall with a sturdy wooden gate. Stables, a tower, barracks, and a storage building are enclosed within the protective wall. A banner flying an emblem of a crossed torch and sword flutters overhead.

Summit Hall was established long ago as a fortified monastery by the Knights of Samular, an order dedicated to Tyr, the god of justice. Veterans, many of whom are scarred and grim, train novices and instruct them in the moral “Rule of the Knights” (an extensive series of “in this situation, a knight shall do this” guidelines). Life here is very regimented. The occupants of Summit Hall grow their own food and keep perpetual watch over nearby lands. They are always ready for battle, and fully armed and armoured if encountered outside their walls.


The Knights of Samular’s founder, Samular Caradoon, originally built Summit Hall in the Sumber Hills as a training monastery for the order. Young men and women across the North travel to Summit Hall so that they might learn from its aging heroes. The Knights of Samular have been based out of Summit Hall since losing Thornhold, a keep that became their headquarters, to the Zhentarim (who lost it to the Harpers), but they now also maintain a base in Waterdeep in The Halls of Justice.Ushien__2_.jpg

Current Leader

The current Lady of the Hall, Ushien Stormbanner, is sympathetic to the Order of the Gauntlet. She is concerned that the Mirabar Delegation, carrying the body of a Knight of Samular for internment at the Halls has not arrived. Ushien looks young, perhaps in her 30’s, but is actually sixty years old.

Summit Hall

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