Mielikki_symbol.jpgThe Forest Queen, The Silver Lady

Mielikki (pronounced my-LEE-kee), is the goddess of autumn, druids, dryads, forests, forest creatures and rangers. Her symbol is a gold-horned, blue-eyed, unicorn’s head facing left.


The clergy of Mielikki include clerics, druids (Forestarms) and rangers (Needles). Generally, druids of Mielikki took on the abilities of rangers and unlike other druids, who were not allowed to wear metal armor, could use all kinds of armor usable by rangers.


Order of the Unicorn’s Horn – a small society of itinerant healers who brought solace to injured people, animals, and plants.
Shadoweirs – serve as a type of religious knighthood of the woods. Members are activist and proselytized with zeal, and are willing to go on the offensive on behalf of their sacred forests. They seek to advance the regrowth of ancient forests reduced by civilization, and to halt the endless assault of civilization on their ancient homeland.


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