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Groups and Factions in the Dessarin Valley

Cult of the Howling Hatred
Cult of the Black Earth
Dusk Circle – druids of Westwood
Elves of the High Forest – elves of a fractured kingdom
Emerald Enclave – faction aligned with nature
The Hand of Yartar – thieves guild
The Harpers – acts behind the scenes against evil and tyrants
The Knights of Samular – order of knights and paladins who venerate Tyr
Lords Alliance – faction promoting mutual benefit of member cities and towns
Order of the Gauntlet – faction promoting direct action against evil
Town Elders – once the richest and most influential people in Red Larch, now disgraced.
Red Larch Town Council – governing body of Red Larch
The Uthgardt Tribes – barbarian tribes of The North
Zhentarim – faction working towards influencing trade and commerce

Dessarin Valley Communities

Amphail – small town between Red Larch and Waterdeep
Beliard – town north of Sumber Hills
Bargewright Inn – walled community south east of Red Larch
Goldenfields – walled temple farm south of Red Larch
Helvenblade House – country estate of Silmerhelve noble family
Homesteads – scattered farming communities
Kheldell – logging village on the edge of Westwood
Kryptgarden Forest – you don’t want to go there
Red Larch – small town near Sumber Hills
Summit Hall – fortified monastery in the Sumber Hills
Triboar – town north of Red Larch
Vale of Dancing Waters – community of religious dwarves
Westbridge – village north of Red Larch
Womford – tiny village on the Dessarin River
Yartar – fortified city

Dessarin Valley Locations

Dessarin Valley – Overview
Dessarin River – Massive river from which the area takes its name.
Halls of the Hunting Axe – old dwarven ruins
Haunted Keeps – four ruined keeps in the Sumber Hills
High Forest – home of elves and the fey
Sumber Hills – wilderness hills
Rundreth Manor – ruins north of Amphail
Stone Bridge – an amazing bridge spanning the Dessarin River
Vale of Dancing Waters – narrow gorge in Sumber Hills
Westwood – tangled forest, known home to bandits

Other Locations


Gods of the Forgotten Realms – Evil

Asmodeus – Devil Lord ascended to god status, god of sin
Auril – The Frostmaiden, goddess of cold, winter
Bane – The Black Lord, god of hatred, fear and tyranny
Bhaal – The Lord of Murder
Cyric – God of lies, deception, intrigue, illusion.
Llolth – Demon Queen of Spiders, goddess of darkness, spiders, assassination, chaos, evil
Shar – Goddess of dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, the Underdark.
Talos – God of storms, destruction, rebellion, conflagrations, earthquakes, vortices.

Gods of the Forgotten Realms – Good

Chauntea – goddess of life, agriculture, summer
Ilmater – god of suffering
Lathander – god of mornings, new beginnings, light
Mielikki – Goddess of forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, autumn
Moradin – God of dwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stonework
Mystra – Goddess of Magic
Selûne – Goddess of the moon, stars, navigation, prophecy, good aligned lycanthropes
Sune – Goddess of beauty, love, passion
Tyr – god of law and justice
Torm – god of duty, loyalty, obedience
The Triad – Tyr, Torm and Ilmater worshipped together
Tymora – Goddess of good fortune, skill, victory, adventurers

Gods of the Forgotten Realms – Neutral

Kelemvor – God of death, the dead
Oghma – god of knowledge, invention, inspiration, bards
Silvanus – God of wild nature, druids.
Tempus – God of war, battle, warriors.

News, Rumours, Events

Red Larch rumours – heard on arrival
Red Larch rumours 2 – heard after investigating Red Larch
Red Larch rumours 3 – heard after the events of the Tomb of Moving Stones
Red Larch rumours 4 – heard after the party returns from their first foray into the Sumber Hills

Places in and around Red Larch

Allfaiths Shrine – building with multi-denominational worship areas
Bethendur’s Storage – four warehouses containing storage areas for hire
Chansyrl Fine Harness – tack and harness, saddles, yokes etc
Dornen Finestone – quarry and shop for marble stone
Drouth Fine Poultry – providers of eggs and chicken
The Forgotten Tomb – old noble’s tomb outside of town
Gaelkur’s – used tools and goods, barbershop, tavern
Haeyleeya’s – bath house and dress shop
The Helm at Highsun – tavern
Ironhead Arms – used and new weapons and armour
Jalessa Tully’s Butchery
Lance Rock – limestone caves
Lorren’s Bakery
Luruth’s Tannery – provider of raw or finished leather
The Market – area where Market Day is held once a month
Mellikho Stoneworks – quarry and shop for marble stone
Mother Yalantha’s – hostel
[[The Swinging Sword
– inn
Mhandyvvers Poultry – providers of eggs and chicken
Red Larch – overview of the town
Tarnlar’s – quality and fashionable clothier
Tantur Smithy – ironwork goods, where Hufflepuff works
Thelorn’s Safe Journeys – quality wainright and wagonmaker
Tricklerock Cave – unexplored nearby cave no one has returned from
Vallivoe’s Sundries – used goods of all types, where Farideh is employed
Waelvur’s Wagonworks – cheap and nasty wagons and wagon parts

Other Locations in Red Larch

Forgotten Realms General Info

Calendar – Names of months of the year
Journal – Our activities related to the current date
Weather in the Dessarin Valley – what the weather is like in the cold, cold North.
Years – how the years in Forgotten Realms are named

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