High Forest

The High Forest is a vast and mysterious area larger than some human kingdoms. It is big enough to encompass mountains within its depths. It is home to treants of gigantic size, stags with antlers as wide across as a wagon, bears bigger than a barn, owlbears, wolves and unicorns. Woodcutters and even outlaws on the run dare visit only the verges of the High Forest. As everyone knows, those that venture in too deep are seldom seen again.
As well as elves and fey, the Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe call the High Forest home. Members of the Emerald Enclave know that in the northwestern area stands Shadowtop Cathedral, a stand of towering shadowtop trees that is an important meeting place for the Emerald Enclave, and also where members of that faction can find aid, healing, and advice in the grove. The Shadowtop Cathedral is home to Turlang, a treant leader of the Emerald Enclave.


The High Forest once sheltered three great elven realms beneath its boughs. Many tribes of wood elves – and a few moon elves – still protect the ruined monuments to their golden age. Few beyond the borders of the High Forest know much about these elves; they have no single leader and make little contact with the outside world.

Current Politics

The wood elf Morgwais, known as the Red Lady or the Lady of the Wood, seeks to unit the disparate tribes through the Caerilcarn (“Council of the Wood”). Her aim is to resurrect the ancient kingdom of Eaerlann, and she has made steps in that direction by allying various elven settlements. As yet, though, only a few elves believe in her vision, and they are spread far apart over the eastern reaches of the forest. Morgwais has a troubled history with Turlang, the treant Emerald Enclave leader. She is also seeking influence beyond the High Forest and uses allies, spies, informers and agents.

High Forest

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