Haunted Keeps

In the southwestern Sumber Hills stand four ruined keeps built centuries ago by a band of adventurers, the Knights of the Silver Horn. According to most locals, these crumbling stone castles are haunted by ghosts and prowling monsters. Sensible Valley dwellers avoid them.

feathergale_sm.jpgThe four ruined keeps are named:

  • Feathergale Spire
  • Sacred Stone Monastery
  • Scarlet Moon Hall
  • Rivergard Keep

In recent times there have been rumours and stories that people have moved into these ruined keeps. Details about the locations of the ruined keeps are sketchy, and it depends where you ask. For example most people in Red Larch can point you to Feathergale Spire, and the location of Rivergard Keep is known to some people in Bargewright Inn and Womford.

Haunted Keeps

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