Dessarin Valley

The Dessarin Valley encompasses the area surrounding the huge river that is its name. Stretching from the western borders of the High Forest and south from Yartar to the Ardeep Forest, the Dessarin Valley holds sights of interest to both travelers and adventurers alike.

The Dessarin Valley these days is a lightly settled region of caravan towns, isolated homesteads, and uninhabited wilderness just a week’s journey from Waterdeep. Residents in places such as Red Larch or Triboar boast that their humble settlements are “the Gateway to the North.” Through these lands pass hundreds of caravans and keelboats each year, linking the great ports of Waterdeep and Neverwinter with places such as Everlund, Mirabar, or Silverymoon. The steady caravan traffic breathes life into the towns of this area, supporting businesses in the settlements along the Long Road. Inns cater to travelers anxious to sleep safely within sturdy walls and enjoy good food by a warm fire instead of camping by the side of the road.

When humankind first explored the North, they chose the surprisingly fertile Dessarin delta for their first settlements. To this date, more humans live in the long, broad valley of the Dessarin than in any other part of the Savage Frontier. The farms and ranches of the delta feed the North, nourishing remote mining settlements as well as the orc hordes that sweep down the Dessarin every decade or so.

The Long Road, running parallel to the river along the west side, is definitely the best road in the North. Much of interest may be found along this avenue. Travelers are advised not to hunt large game on lands claimed by a lord or village. It is also highly inadvisable to take down cattle or trample crops in any case. Small foraging vermin of the sort that consume crops, however, may be freely killed and eaten. Large herds of deer are found along the western edge of the High Forest, and those eager to hunt are directed to Noanar’s Hold. Be warned, though, that satyrs sometimes drive the deer in order to lead human hunters into ambushes and pitfall traps.
The Dessarin region is known for its spectacular sunsets and wide sky above. It is favored by those who like to gallop horses long and hard.

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Travelers planning overland journeys in the northern Dessarin should bear in mind that the lichen— and shrub-covered moors are a favored dwelling of trolls. No matter how often these loathsome creatures are eliminated from the Evermoors, they still creep back down from mountain fastnesses again. Many nearby settlements send expeditions up onto the moors to give their fighters battle experience, because one can always count on meeting some trolls there.

Minor issues are nothing unusual in the Dessarin Valley, from bands of savage humanoids from the Sword Mountains or the Evermoors, to bandits gathering in the lonelier parts of the vale to waylay caravans traveling the Long Road or the Kheldell Path. Lately, a greater evil has begun to stir…


Dessarin Valley

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