Cult of the Howling Hatred

The Cult of the Howling Hatred is an air cult who worship a deity the party have not heard of before, something like “Yancybin”. The prophet of the cult is named Aerisi, but the party know little else about her.

The following is known about the Cult of Howling Hatred:

  • The Feathergale Knights are a group of nobles who like to ride flying mounts. They are mostly all brainwashed or charmed by the cult. The charm magic is very strong.
  • There is another area that the cultists live, other than Feathergale Spire. The entrance is in the Sighing Valley somewhere.
  • They hate the other elemental cults, and have told the party where both the water cultists and the earth cultists are.
  • The Cult of the Howling Hatred has had a battle with the Black Earth cult and has captured someone from the Mirabar Delegation from them – allegedly a female elf noble.
  • The cult worships the destructive power of wind and storms, believing that those who venerate elemental air gain the power to punish those who have wronged them, to gain personal freedom, and to earn things wrongfully denied.
  • The cultists see flying creatures, even those that oppose them such as aarakocra, as allies (or potential allies).
  • The hand symbol of the cultists is to touch the thumbs and little fingers of both hands together and close the rest of the fingers into a fist.
  • The symbol of the Cult of Howling Hatred is this: air_cult_icon.jpg

Known Cultists:

Gareth – a priest of the Cult of Howling Hatred
Savra Belabranta – young woman of noble birth, charmed by the cult. Natas and Ulryn have a mission to rescue her.
Thurl Merosska – leader of The Feathergale Knights
Windypop – ex cultist

Cult of the Howling Hatred

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