Bhaalsymbol.jpgBhaal (pronounced Beh-HAHL)1, is a deity known as the Lord of Murder. Along with Bane and Myrkul, Bhaal took the portfolios of the ancient deity Jergal.

Despite his most common title, Bhaal was the god of death, but he especially favoured violent or ritual deaths. While originally he was the patron of assassins and their victims, it wasn’t long before common murderers used a claim of his worship to justify their sadistic actions, warping the manner of his worship. As a result, Bhaal was feared throughout Faerûn – especially in the island realm of the Moonshaes.

The nature of what the Lord of Murder has power over is contested – in his best incarnation he may take strength in violently punishing murderers and warmongers, others that he judged whether a murder was righteous or not, while those infused with his power – known as the Bhaalspawn – simply believed he wanted more murder. His cultists are known as Deathstalkers, and are scattered across the world.

Bhaal was slain during the Time of Troubles, when the gods were thrown down to live among mortals, but he has since been revived as a deity and returned to his portfolio.


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