Asmodeus.pngAsmodeus was an arch-devil and the Lord of the Nine Hells, and ascended to godhood when he consumed the divine spark of Azuth, the god, and through it achieved godhood during the Spellplague, a century ago. He rules the complex hierarchy of Hell with an iron fist and a silver tongue.

He is typically described as appearing as a giant human, over 13 feet tall, with dark skin and hair, red eyes, handsome features, and small horns on his forehead. He dresses in regal finery of unimaginable expense; a single article of clothing worn by Asmodeus is worth more money than an average nation will spend on food in a year. Beneath his clothing, Asmodeus’ body is covered in bloody wounds which he sustained when he fell from the Upper Planes. His wounds ooze blood daily, and any drop of blood which touches the ground grows into a powerful devil.

Asmodeus.jpgHe is also described as a “calm, chillingly reasonable” being who sometimes presents with a modest appearance that hides his true power.

Relationship with other gods

Asmodeus has few allies amongst the other Gods, and is on especially bad terms with Moradin. He and Bane still maintain a facade of friendship, at least until one is powerful and confident enough to actually overthrow the other.

Dogma and Worshippers

Asmodeus is devoted to oppression and might through subversive action. He imposes strict rules and harsh punishments on his followers. The cult of Asmodeus urges its adherents to seek power over others, to repay evil with further evil (an eye for an eye), to exploit kindness for personal gain, and to show no compassion for the weak and downtrodden. All done in the most legal possible manner of course, and never overtly.

Typical rhetoric from worshippers of Asmodeus will discuss “promoting personal excellence and independence,” “taking care of one’s own affairs” and “ridding oneself of weakness”. Sometimes one will hear of “ascending to godhood”, or “no gods, no masters”. When harming innocents, their actions are discussed as “providing motivation to succeed”. Most often, ritual practices are deeply secretive and not publicly discussed. Most followers will not publicly admit their worship of Asmodeus, as that would compromise their potential bargaining position for greater power over non-followers.

Most of Asmodeus’s worshippers are based in the towns and cities of humans and demihumans, though Asmodeus has some monstrous followers as well. His cultists use his faith as a stepping stone to wealth and power. They form secret alliances, using their wealth and connections to bring status and power to other members of the society.

The Ashmadai were a secretive devil worshiping cult based in Neverwinter dedicated to Asmodeus. The cult was well connected in Neverwinter prior to the cataclysm in 1451 DR and was even better connected as of 1479 DR.

The pact each worshiper forges with the Master of the Nine Hells spells out the following:

  • Seek power over others, that you might rule with strength as the Lord of Hell does.
  • Repay evil with evil. If others are kind to you, exploit their weakness for your own gain.
  • Show neither pity nor mercy to those who are caught underfoot as you climb your way to power. The weak do not deserve compassion.

All Hell bends to his will, all devils do his whim, all souls fear his gaze; he is the Prince of Darkness, and his time is nigh.

- Asmodean prayer


In most lands, temples to Asmodeus are hidden subterranean complexes, though in places dominated by lawful evil, they may dominate the landscape. If a cult of Baalzebul overthrows the local government, cultists of Asmodeus typically assume control of their headquarters to bring the local diabolism into its “establishment phase.”


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