Almost elf like, but with white hair and pale blue skin


Windypop stands out in a crowd for having blue skin and white hair. Sometimes his hair ruffles and his clothes move as if pushed by a breeze no one else can feel. He wears twin shortswords at his waist, and a longbow at his back. Windypop’s eyes look haunted, as if he has seen a dire future that he is unable to change.


Windypop joined an “air cult” where he was led to believe that being an air genasi was an advantage and he would feel accepted. However he found that he was accepted, however the cult was hateful and evil. He wanted to speak out against it, and spoke to some senior cult members about his concerns. However it was around that time that the visions of the land beingstruck with full force, at night at first, but then during the day, intrusively and making him lose touch with reality. The cult saw this as an opportunity to have him put away and out of their hair. He was taken to a facility called Helm’s Hold, once a place that held those affected by spellplague of centuries ago, but now was used partly as an insane asylum. The air cult that disposed of Windypop and got him locked up is now called “The Howling Hatred”.

Windypop was able to leave Helm’s Hold after several weeks when he learned to accept his visions instead of fighting against them and his mind became clear enough to convince them he was cured. Driven by a desire to thwart whatever the cult are up to and to avert the disasters in his visions if he can Windypop set about trying to find out where the cult moved to. He followed news of cultists and found himself in the village of Kheldell, which has been a victim of a cultist attack. However he found the cultists were long gone, and were not even air cultists but fire cultists. He decided to travel to the Dessarin Valley area, as the people he met at Kheldell – a dwarf named Hufflepuff, an elf priest named Khagdar, and a half elf druid named Esplen – were travelling to Red Larch to investigate odd goings on there – as well as retrieve Hufflepuff’s pig, which apparently was stolen by a merchant.

The recurring visions Windypop has:

  • Floods sweeping down rivers and pouring out of natural underground reservoirs, washing away towns and villages.
  • Earthquakes flattening buildings in towns and communities.
  • Bushfires that sear the land of farms, even of plants and animals
  • Terrible storms that bring more water, and make the land muddy and difficult for people to escape.
  • Four people – a winged elf, a man with snakes for hair, a red skinned tiefling, and a man with a mechanical claw arm and barnacles on his head and body – all gathered around a stone table in some underground room, picking up powerful weapons from the table.
  • Windypop sees a symbol that makes him think of an alien eye in all of these visions.

DMs Note: Windypop has the Asylumite background from “Expanded Backgrounds” by Austin M. Jones, available from DMs Guild.


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