Ned Harburk

Red Larch Constable and Butcher


Constable Harburk is a grey haired man in his early forties. He has a solid, athletic build, a well kept beard, and a gruff voice. He is married to Jalessa Tully, the town butcher.


Constable Harburk is the law in Red Larch – both commander of the town guard and the town judge. He not only rules with the aid of the Town Elders, he also has four members of the town guard under his command, and he and they all work in his wife Jalessa’s butcher shop as well as doing shifts keeping the law in the town. The constable has little other infrastructure to help him maintain order or run the town, and sometimes the underground cold room has to double as a temporary cell. The constable and deputies have also been known to hang up troublesome drunks by their belts or clothes onto large butcher’s hooks until they sober up.

Constable Harburk shares power with the Town Elders, a group of the wealthiest business owners in Red Larch. They don’t always see eye to eye but generally their interests are separate.

Ned Harburk

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