Wood elf with long, dark hair, carrying a shield with a large emblem of a unicorn's head


Khadgar is typical of a wood elf, lithe, strong and quick. He wears a chain shirt under his cotton shirt and carries a wooden shield on which the symbol of Mielikki – a unicorn’s head – is displayed prominently. He has a shortsword at his side and a bow on his back.

Khadgar is a member of the Emerald Enclave faction.


Khadgar is a priest of Mielikki, the goddess of forests and the creatures that live within it. Mielikki has many shrines in natural places, often consisting of a dead tree trunk into which has been carved a likeness of her holy symbol – a unicorn’s head, or the same symbol carved on a piece of timber and tacked onto a living tree. These shrines typically mark the point in a forest beyond which locals know not to cut timbers or hunt.

There is a special shrine to Mielikki in Westwood that sometimes grants potions to those who kneel and pray there. Khadgar himself received a neutralise poison potion, and still has it to this day.

Khadgar is a forest warden, meaning that he protects his forest – the forest of Westwood – from evil creatures who would despoil it, such as orcs, ogres and dragons, and tracks down and deals with humans who ignore the agreements set with local villages and towns regarding logging and hunting areas. Khadgar is not against hunting, as long as it is for meat and skins, and not just for trophies or love of slaughter.

Kheldell is the closest human settlement to Westwood, and Khadgar once defended it from a group of cultists and their evil mercenaries. He made a friend that day, a dwarf who roused the villagers to form a fighting mob and brought them to stand with the elves and together they fought off the cultists.

Update: After dealing with bandits and the necromancer of Lance Rock, Khadgar disagreed with the party about the best way to achieve his mission for the Emerald Enclave. He does not want to be an adventurer, and so has taken a job with the Constable of Red Larch as a scout. Khadgar believes this will give him first hand information about what is happening in Red Larch and the Dessarin Valley.

DMs Note: Khadgar has the “Naturalist” background from the product “Expanded Backgrounds” by Austin M. Jones, available on the DMs Guild website.


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