Kaylessa Irkell

Owner of The Swinging Sword inn


Kaylessa is the red haired, fortyish matriarch of her family and a pleasant, sturdy woman. She is kind and loves to hear and share tales with those in the common room.


Kaylessa hears a lot about what is happening around the area and has been concerned about “dark things” brewing. She is friendly to any adventurers likely to stay in Red Larch because she believes every monster that is slain makes Red Larch that much safer.

Kaylessa shares stories of strange weather and attacks by bandits and monsters that travellers tell her. She believes that much of the evil comes eminates from Lance Rock, a feature outside of Red Larch that allegedly has some caves.

Kaylessa will pack the party a lunch of crumblecake each time they leave to investigate what is happening in the area.

Kaylessa Irkell

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