"A soft word and a big sword gets you more than just a soft word."


Kallista is a tall, strongly built tiefling. She has red skin and large horns, and her eyes appear as if they have no iris or pupil. The tiefling wields a huge greatsword.


Kallista was an enforcer for the Zhentarim, collecting on debts, protecting messengers, acting as a bodyguard, providing muscle and sometimes lethal force where required. She found the Zhentarim to be a good employer, although she felt sorry sometimes for those that fell foul of the organisation and needed a visit from her to remind them of their obligations. However she justified her actions by saying that if she didn’t do it, someone else would, maybe someone more sadistic, so really she was doing them a favour.

Her lover was Tristian, a pickpocket, thief, burglar, who paid his dues to the Zhentarim. However when the Zhentarim asked him to spy on a new gang of cuthroats and criminals he was caught and killed by their brutish leader Jolliver Grimjaw, who stole the amulet Kallista had given him. The Zhentarim took retribution, but Grimjaw, realising his error when he found the identifying Zhentarim coin on Tristian’s body, fled, leaving his minions to die. Kallista has vowed to find Grimjaw, and has the Zhentarim’s blessings to do so. She searched but Grimjaw had covered his tracks. It took a few months but she finally heard a rumour he had gone to the Dessarin Valley area.

Kallista is on her way to Red Larch, a town in the Dessarin Valley and has found some adventurers to join, who will come in handy when it comes to face Grimjaw. There is no rush. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

DM’ s Note: Kallista has the Criminal background.


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