Haeleeya Hanadroum

Owner and Proprietor of Haeleeya's Dress Shop and Bath House


Originally from Amn, Haeleeya has the dark hair and olive skin common to that region. She is always well dressed to advertise her dress shop.


Haeleeya operates a bath house and dress shop in her large, well-appointed home. Her dress shop caters for local women seeking dresses for special occasions, and her bath house is visited regularly by the town’s older women to trade gossip.

Haeleeya hears all the gossip shared in the baths, but she keeps her own counsel, unless the inquirer is affiliated with the Emerald Enclave. When Haleeya was young, she became lost in the wilderness. An Emerald Enclave ranger rescued her, and she’s been a friend to the faction members ever since.

Haeleeya Hanadroum

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