A wild looking half elf druid with long red hair and a staff.


Esplen is a half elf druid with long red hair, often braided. She looks a little wild, and doesn’t trust people at the start of their relationship. She has a staff with the accouterments you would expect of a druid, including a necklace of wolf teeth.

Esplen is a member of the Emerald Enclave faction. She has the Outlander background.

Recently the senior druids of Westwood – known as the Dusk Circle – have tasked Esplen, a wood elf cleric named Khadgar, and Hufflepuff – the same dwarf on the riding pig – to investigate Red Larch. They are being assisted by an air genasi ranger named Windypop.

Esplen’s missions:

  • Help Huffleppuff find his pig, Cedric.
  • Emerald Enclave mission – find out what is going wrong in the Dessarin Valley area.
  • Dusk Druids mission – find out about the Druids of Scarlet Moon

Esplen was born in the wilderness of Westwood to a human woman of Kheldell village and a wood elf of the forest. Her father took her to live with his clan, where she grew up as an elf, but always felt like an outsider. She was tolerated because of her father’s postion as an elder of the tribe. Her mother stayed in her village and they would occasionally visit. She was a stern, hard-working woman with a severe case of RBF but with a good heart.

When her father disappeared when she was young, Esplen stayed with the wood elves, apprenticed to Húlben, a wood elf druid. Her father’s rival, another elder became chief of the clan and spoke about his disapproval of polluting the elven blood. Feeling even more ostracized, Esplen left the tribe after her apprenticeship was finished. She found a bunch of misfit elves, another half elf and fey and they lived in a kind of satellite clan near the wood elf clan where they were tolerated (because generally wood elves might be xenophobic but aren’t outright evil).

Like the clan she grew up with, Esplen had a disdain for civilisation and the corruption and degradation of nature that goes with it. Occasionally persons – usually evil, hateful folk – fled civilisation to avoid punishment, and Esplen and her tribe of misfits would hunt them down and take them back to whoever had paid for their capture (or removal). It was a way of keeping blundering, armed bounty hunters or soldiers from killing innocent animals or forest folk, and Esplen believed she was providing a service. It was also a way of making some coin so the misfits could afford some simple luxuries to make their life in the wilderness easier. They usually bought these in Kheldell, when Esplen would visit her mother.

Some months ago, Kheldell was threatened by cultists and their evil mercenaries. Elves and townsfolk and a large dwarf on a pig fought them off, but some outlying buildings were set on fire. Esplen’s mother was killed in the fire.


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